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Pharmacy- Cina, Cina maritima, Wormseed, Artemisia maritima, Artemisia cinara. Cina is the source of the alkaloid santonine.

Historical dose- Tincture and potencies, 3rd potency for nervous irritable children, 30 & 200 preferable.

History- Cina is the source of the alkaloid santonine but cina is much than a mere worm medicine causes all symptoms which characterize helminthiasis. It corresponds more to the effects of lumbricoides then to those of other worms.

Commentary- in the movie “DUNE” they’d be riding in the desert and they’d see this movement in the dirt and they’d say “worm sign”!!! so we see these little kid picking their nose, grinding their teeth, being their nails scratching their buttock, abdomen we say “WORM SIGN”


Constitution of Cina Child- big, fat, fussy, scrofulous, very pale with dark hair and complexion. Very cross ill humored. There is whitish, bluish appearance around the mouth with dark ring around the eyes. One cheek is pale and other is red. Hungry, ugly and wants rocked.

Nose- Desire to pick and bore at nose. Rub it on pillow. “LINEA NASALIS”

Eyes- Strabismus in eye (eye strain) pale sickly look around eye. Pulsation of supercilliary muscles. Dilatation of pupils.

Throat- Gurgling when swallowing fluids. Voice-aphonia from exposure (when aco., phos., spongia fails).

Cough- Whooping cough, stiffness before cough. Cough is hoarse hacking type of cough with short breath even waken up at night not being able to breath. Foul putrid type of breath.

GIT- Veracious appetite with lack of weight gain. Desire for sweets and different things: refuse mother’s milk. “Canine Hunger” hungry after a full meal. Vomiting with clean tongue. Twisting at navel (ame. By pressure). Itching of anus. Stool content worm.

Urinary System- Involuntary urination (bet wetting). Milky urine on standing.

Sleep- Lies on abdomen or gets on hands & knees during sleep. Cina also has nightmares, horrible nightmares. Grinding of teeth during sleep. Yawning is concomitant in most of compliance.


Fever- Cold face and warm hands. Intermittent fever with vomiting and ravenous hunger. Convulsion during fever.


Agg. – After taking sweets, after anger, over-eating. At night.

Ame. – By lying on the abdomen. During the day. From cold and Motion.

In worm affection when cina is indicated but fails santonine 2x & 3x often curative.


Theory Part by:

Shalini Verma,  3rd year Student

Sa Homeoeopathic Collage, Sendhwa.(M.P.).



Picture Part by: 

Ijaz Nazer (Jas Naz)  2nd year Student

Sivaraj Homoeopathic College

Salem, Tamil Nadu

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