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Leucorrhoea is the term used for increased normal vaginal secretion in amount. That is there will be no excessive leucocytes present when examined under the microscope.

It is said to be leucorrhoea, if it fulfils following criteria:

-Non purulent (non infective)

-Non offensive

-Non irritant (never causes pruritus)


Normal physiology depends on the endogenous estrogen level, with the rising estrogen level there is abundant secretory activity of the of the endocervical glands and the superficial vaginal epithelium.


The excessive secretion is due to –

-         Physiologic excess

-         Cervical causes

-         Vaginal causes


Physiologic excess – Normally the secretion is expected to increase in following conditions

-         During puberty (due to increased level of estrogen)

-         During menstrual cycle

#around ovulation

#premenstrual pelvic congestion

-         Pregnancy

-         During sexual excitement


Cervical causes- Non infective cervical lesion may produce excessive secretion which pours out at vulva


  •  cervical ectopy
  • chronic cervicitis
  • mucous polyp
  • ectropion (cervical glands are exposed to vagina)

vaginal causes

Increased vaginal transudation occurs in condition associated with increased pelvic congestion. The condition are following-

  • uterine prolapsed
  • acquired retroverted uterus
  • chronic pelvic inflammation
  • vaginal adenosis
  • Pill use
  • ill health



  • General examination may reveal ill health
  • Vulval inspection reveals

-White or creamy discharge

-No evidence of pruritus

  • Bimanual including a speculum examination reveals:

-either a negative pathology

-Associated pelvic lesions mentioned earlier causing cervical or vaginal       leucorrhoea.

  • To exclude the infective nature, the discharge is subjected to microscopic examination for detection of pus cells.



       Alumina – The most imp cause why alumina suffers leucorrhoea is recurrent infection both local or system, and the other reason is anaemia. Discharge is acrid, profuse, transparent and ropy. Burning sensation in genitalia which is relieved by washing the part with cold water .Yellowish mucus runs through medial aspects of thighs down to heel with scanty, delayed menses. Patient is exhausted after menses and leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea with constipation and anaemia.


 Borax – Leucorrhoea is like white of an egg .With sensation as if hot fluid through genitalia. Menses are too soon, profuse, with griping pain in abdomen. These pains extend to small of back. Leucorrhoea especially after menses.


Kreosotum – Corrosive itching within the vulva during the flow of leucorrhoea .Burning and swelling of labia with violent itching between labia and thighs. Discharges are yellow, acrid and with odour of green corn Worse between menses. The menses are too early prolonged and intermittent. Leucorrhoea is offensive and also intermittent.


Naturm mur – Prolapse of uterus causes cervical erosion, and chronic cervicitis. These are the two common causes of leucorrhoea. Parous women, during the child bearing period, become the victim of this disease. Use of oral contraceptive may also cause leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea is acrid, watery, worse in the morning, where it is white in beginning but turns green afterwards


Platina – Bearing down sensation with prolapse of uterus, n post –menopausal women, uterine polyps, decubitus ulcer, uterine fibroid and uterine carcinoma are factors for leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea during parturition causes violent cramps in limbs and profuse haemorrhage, and with hysterical and puerperal convulsion.



Miss. Leena Clement James

4th year Student

Narayan Shree Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Bhopal (M.P.)

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