Apr 132012

Engagement of 01 (one) part-time Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic Doctor under the aegis of Staff Benefit Fund of Western Railway

Guidelines for engagement of Registered Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic Practitioners for filling up the post of part-time Homeopathic Doctors at Western Railway office on payment of consolidated honorarium of Rs. 7000/- (seven thousand only) per month without any other allowances in terms of extant instructions are as under:-

I) Qualifications required:-The candidate must have a Diploma of not less than four years duration plus five years experience after acquiring the four year Diploma/ Degree course in the respective system of Medicine (as per Rly. Board’s letter no. E(W) 89 Wel-15 dtd. 03/10/89).

II) The terms and conditions for appointment of Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic will be as under:-

1) The Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be given working facilities in one of the rooms for  which necessary equipment/ furniture and materials will be supplied by the Railway.

2) He/She will be responsible for proper maintenance of equipments, furniture’s and material given in his/her custody.

3) Hon. Homeopath/Ayurvedic Doctor will maintain a record of patients treated and submit the sameto concerned officer every month.

4) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will submit a monthly statement of the expenditure towards  the medicines used and will submit indents of requirements well in advance to the concerned officer.

5) Hon. Homeopath/Ayurvedic Doctor will attend the dispensary for 4 hours daily on all working  days of the week. Timings will be decided in consultation with local SBF & CMD, except the days on which the office will remain closed.

6) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will issue no certificate for any purpose whatsoever.

7) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic doctor will be paid honorarium as decided by local SBF Committee subject to revision from time-to-time.

8) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be entitled for 8 days leave in a year on full payment of honorarium out of which not more than 4 days leave will be allowed to be availed at a stretch. Any period of absence above this limit will be proportionately adjusted against his/her monthly honorarium. Leave sanctioning authority will be SPO (W)- CCG / DPO/ Sr. DPO.

9) The Ho. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will only attend the patients at homeopathic/ ayurvedic   dispensary.

10) Services of Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be liable to be terminated on one month

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