Jan 162012


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Midst usual attacks says she believes in homeopathy

It may receive viscious attacks on its credibility, but now the world’s smartest woman,  and the country of  Sweden, have joined Nobel laureates, top material scientits, the heads of state, royalty, countless medical doctors over two centuries, the state of Arizona, Cuba and millions of common people in accepting homeopathy, the world’s fastest growing medicine.

A ruling by Sweden’s Supreme Administrative court this week struck down the Swedish Medical Association’s prohibition of homeopathy.

Swedish doctors may now recommend it.

The ruling has drawn the usual spears from its competitor of allopathy (common modern medicine), but this time the defense of the embattled doctrine has been joined by Marilyn vos Savant, the woman the Guiness Book of World Records claimed has the world’s greatest IQ for a woman,  rated to be as high as 230.

Savant points out a noted fact, that criticisms of homeopathy bear little or no references. At 12:59 on September 24, 2011 she posted a reply to the announcement that Swedish courts are recognizing homeopathy.


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